There are two big areas of the computer science/engineering that make up our main research lines:

1 - Micro and Nanotechnology: In our group we have the aim of proposing new techniques and methods in order to measure physical and biological matter properties (sensors), to design analog circuits to conditioning and processing signals and to design digital building blocks for high performance processors.

  • Micro and Nanoelectromechanical Systems: The goal of this line is to propose novel MEMS/NEMS devices design, processes to its fabrication and testing at the CNMN-IPN clean rooms facilities or other facilities from national or international universities which we have collaborations.
  • Microelectronics and VLSI: The goal of this research line is to make the analisys of the signal contitioning required circuits, here, the design of the proposed circuits and systems include Analog and Digital designs usually with Mentor Graphics EDA tools. The final step (fabrication) is developed by foundries as MOSIS (CMOS and SPICE and MODELSIM for circuits and systems). Finally, a testing step is developed to verify the correct behavior of the designed circuit.

2 - High Performance Computer Architecture: to propose new low-power and high performance techniques for Processors and Operating Systems and it’s design and implementation.

  • ​​​Microarchitecture: propose new techniques to reduce energy consumption through the use of simulation tools and it’s efficient design based on fast prototype development using FPGAs and VLSI.
    • SoC design based on HDL and FPGA's
    • Embedded Operating System
    • Low Power Microarchitecture
    • Microsecurity: encryption, integrity, performance
    • Integration of SoC, Embedded O.S. and Peripherals to exploit sensors, bio-sensors and mobile communications
  • High Performance Computing Engineering: to propose solutions for complex science, engineering and business problems, using parallel compilation and scientific visualisation tools for hight performance and bandwidth computing platforms.